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How to Upgrade your Presidential NFTs

This article will explain how to upgrade your Presidential NFTs into more valuable NFTs. The upgraded cards will be more scarce and yield a higher reward to the holder.

To get started, you need at least 2 duplicates of a Classic Card. You can draw the Classic Card in a pack in our sale or trade with the community. Then you need to trade the 2 Classic Cards for 1 Silver card. You will be able to make the trade automatically as soon as our marketplace launches. You have to text us in the telegram group, and we will exchange the cards manually for you.

Algoverse Presidents Upgrade from Standard to silver

The Silver Card will pay out higher rewards than the 2 classic cards combined. Remember, each classic president has only 20 copies. So there will never be more than 10 Silver Presidents. 

Algoverse Presidents Upgrade from Silver to Gold

As you can conclude from the picture above, you need 3 Silver Presidents to get a Golden one. That means a Golden President is made of 6 Classic Cards and rewards you with more than 6 Classics combined and more than 3 Silver combined.

The final step is to get a Diamond card. It contains 2 Golden Cards, so it is made of 12 of 20 Classics. It means that each president will be only once available in the diamond version and will have the highest payouts of all. When the time has come, we will tell you in detail about the rewarding system surrounding the presidents. Patience is key.